Tuesday, April 7, 2009

St. Mary's Labs Continued

Lab #4: In lab 4, the theme was "favorite foods" and the locomotor skills that we were asked to observe, and base our games off of were overhand throwing and catching. In order to display these skills we decided to use a game called "The Healthy Eaters Police" In this game we had balls strewn about the gym and hula-hoops designated for each group of 4 or 5 children. One at a time, each child would find a ball and step on a poly-spot that had a picture of an unhealthy food. They would have to throw a ball through a hula-hoop hanging on the basketball rim, and once they successfully threw the ball through the hoop, the child could bring the unhealthy food and "arrest it" by placing it in their hula-hoop or "healthy eater police squad car." The activity definitely allowed for the skills to be observed so it worked out well. The only problem with it was that the kids were more interested in looking at the unhealthy food, and they didn't quite grasp the fact that they were "arresting" it. The game also lacked the aspect of catching, and in order to improve that, we decided to make two students go out as a team at once and one would retrieve a ball and throw it to their partner who would catch it and throw it through the hoop. It was a simple solution, and it worked well. Overall, I think lab #4 went well. We worked well as a group and had visual aids, and we had fun with the activity.

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