Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Motor Development Lab Reflection

Throughout my experiences in lab, I have definitely learned a lot about what it means to be a good physical education teacher. From the first lab to this final lab, I feel that I have already grown so much as a teacher, and this is only the first step in a long road to becoming certified. This opportunity has only enhanced my drive to become a physical education teacher and I am so excited to continue along this path. Going into the first lab I will admit, I was very nervous to speak, and put on my teacher hat, but it was a great learning experience. I realized that it is important to really speak loud and make sure that the students are paying attention, but more important than that, as a teacher, you really need to learn how to engage the students and show them that what you are going to teach them is fun and not just work. Physical education is about learning how to perform physical skills to play. Yes, Play. P.E. should not be work, and it is important as a teacher of physical education to learn that and realize that. Every activity must appeal to every student or else it will fail. As a teacher, if you allow yourself to get down on the level of the age group your teaching, and act silly they respond to you and that is best you can do. The idea of being able to shape and mold my students into physically active, and happy kids makes me so excited to be a teacher and I cannot wait for this process to continue so I can absorb as much as I can about physical education and how it is taught.

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